Some malware in your Computer (even security software some times) may block installation of new programs and uninstalling certain security programs completely is also tedious task, Security vendors do release removal tools for their software, to solve this common problem  faced by Windows users Microsoft released a Fix It tool.

Microsoft Fix It tool automatically diagnoses problems that prevent from installing and uninstalling programs on your Computer. This tool assists that will not uninstall correctly and programs blocking of new program installations.

Fix it tool to Install and and uninstall programs correctly 

  • Removes bad registry key on 64 bit operating systems.
  • Windows registry keys that control the upgrade (patching) data that become corrupted.
  • Resolves problems that prevent new programs from being installed.
  • Resolves problems that prevent programs from being completely uninstalled and blocking new installations and updates.
  • Use this troubleshooter for an uninstall only if the program fails to uninstall using the windows add/remove programs feature.

Download and run Microsoft Fix It online

Microsoft Fix It tool to run on another offline  Computer