When you take photos with your digital Camera, before sharing those images to sites such as Facebook, Flickr or in your blog you should know about Metadata. Metadata contains GPS Location data and personal information.

Personal information hides in Exif, Iptc, and XMP tags. These photos may also contain an embedded visual preview of the uncopied original. FileMind QuickFix freeware tool removes all the above said metadata tags from your Photo files.

Using Filemind QuickFix

Download and install the program on your computer. Run it, select the images, drag and drop them onto the program interface (you can do the same also by using “Add” button provided in the program). This program automatically saves backup copies of original files.

Click QuickFix Metdata button at the bottom of the program to scrub all metadata (Iptc/IIM,Exif, XMP) from JPEG Photos. Log tabs shows scrubbed status of photos, i.e, succeeded or failed.

This program can scrub metadata from thousands of photos in just minutes and works on Windows XP/Vista /Vista64/7/7 x64.

Download FileMind QuickFix

Note: This app needs .NET Framework 3.5 to work, Windows may prompt if it’s not installed on your system. The below link may help you when you’re prompted by Windows to download and install .NET 3.5

Install or Enable .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows in Three Easy Ways