A month back we’ve covered CustomExplorerToolbar which lets you add missing buttons existed in previous Windows versions like Copy, Cut, Paste buttons to the Explorer toolbar, Explorer Toolbar Editor is similar freeware utility allows to add or remove buttons on Windows 7 explorer toolbar.

Explorer Toolbar Editor

Using Explorer Toolbar Editor

Download and extract Explorer Toolbar Editor Zip file to a folder and install it in your Computer. Run it, here you’ve to know about “File or Folder Selected” and “Nothing Selected” tabs in the program window.

File or Folder Selected: When you select a file or folder, a button is displayed i.e in button display mode you can easily add desired buttons to the Explorer toolbar that deal with file management like Copy, Paste, Cut,  Rename .etc.

Nothing Selected: When there’s nothing selected in a folder means a button is only displayed in this mode you add buttons that deal with Explorer display for example Preview Pane, Navigation Pane, Details Pane.

adding buttons to explorer toolbar

Configuring Windows Explorer Toolbar

1. Select File or Folder Selected tab, select folder (s) (use ctrl or Shift to select multiple folders) in the left pane

2. Remove the buttons which you don’t want to have on Toolbar in the right pane and click “Remove Buttons” .

3.  Click “Add buttons “ you want on Toolbar after that open the folder you’ll see added buttons.

Explorer Toolbar Editor features

With Explorer Toolbar Editor you can

  • view current button sets for each folder type
  • add/remove buttons to individual or all folder types
  • change the order of buttons on the toolbar
  • restore the default set of buttons

Explorer Toolbar Editor supports multiple  folder selection.  You can reorder the toolbar buttons.

Download Explorer Toolbar Editor