Microsoft released Windows 7 in six editions where  Windows 7 Home Basic ad Starter Edition users can’t enjoy Aero Glass and Personalization features, these features are not included these editions and hence you can’t install new themes from the Windows Personalization gallery. WinAero released aero patch which enables fully featured Aero Glass and personalization features in Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter Editions.

Watch Windows 7 Starer with Full Aero Video here.

This patch enables following features in Windows 7 Limited editions

  • Aero Glass and Coloring
  • Full themes support including RSS and slideshow themes.
  • Peak, shake and WinFlip 3D.
  • Third party themes support.

Turn Aero On/Off with Windows Aero Switcher

AeroBlend Automatically Changes Windows Color to Match Your Wallpaper in Windows 7

Using Patch to enable Full Aero Glass and Personalization features in Windows 7 Home Starter and Home Basic Editions

1. Uninstall  Winreview’s personalization panel and Personalization Panel DWM Controller if installed in your Computer.

2. Download and apply the patch, wait for Windows 7 to reboot.

3. Enjoy Full Aero Glass and Personalization features.

Download patch