Chinese Software vendor EASEUS released EASEUS Partition Master 9 with new features where their freeware EASEUS Partition Master 9 Home edition allows to merge two adjacent partitions into one and other new features such as Resize dynamic volume, Repair RAID -5 volume, support command line, Wipe unallocated free space are restricted to Professional and Server edition users.

EASEUS Partition Master Home 9

EASEUS made available video tutorial to let beginners using Professional and home Editions to know partitioning tasks like resizing partition, dynamic disk to basic conversion and so on.

Using EASEUS Partition Master 9 Home

Download and install the program to your Computer. Run it, the program displays welcome screen with “User guide” and “Go to the main screen” options. If you’re new to this all-in-one partition software, you can rely on this guide with video tutorials and contents to know how to manage partitions.

One unique new feature Home edition supports is merging partitions. We need to merge two partitions into one, when system partition is with low space and other partitions have much more, we can merge system partition with one or more partitions to make it larger.

Download EASEUS Partition Master Home 9