If you’re following Building Windows 8 blog closely, you’ll know that Microsoft detailing their upcoming Windows 8 features through long posts with screenshots and videos, while explaining ISO and VHD native support in Windows 8 post, video demoed in that post reveals Metro Style Start Menu for Windows 8, though Microsoft officially announced that they’ll replace Start Menu in Win8 with Start Screen.

Devianart user, Yvidhiatma created Windows 8 Metro Start Widget which brings Windows 8 Metro UI Start Menu to your Windows 7 desktop.

Widnows 8 Metro Start Widget

Using Windows 8 Metro Start Widget

Download and extract program archive to a folder and run Win 8 Metro Start Widget executable, Widget will be shown.

This Windows 8 Metro Start Widget contains

  • Settings – Opens Control Panel
  • Devices – opens Device Manager
  • Share and Search buttons   –  does nothing
  • Start button lets you open Start Menu in Windows 7.

Windows 8 Metro Start Menu

You can hide this widget by right-clicking on the left-sidebar and by clicking “Hide” button, but you can’t bring it back by dragging mouse to the sidebar on left side of screen as mentioned by developer.

Download Windows 8 Metro Start Widget