It’s quite a surprise to me that there is Internet Auto Disconnect feature exists from Older versions of Windows to current Windows 7, this feature was disabled by default in all Windows Operating Systems. But I encountered this for the first time, where Windows displayed “Auto Disconnect” dialog box saying “The connection to Broadband connection has been idle for 20 minutes, Windows will disconnect in 25 seconds” and with options to “Stay Connected” and “Disconnect Now” buttons. Clicking “Stay Connected” and selecting “Don’t use Auto Disconnect” fixed the problem for me at that moment.

Auto Disconnect

Auto Disconnect feature

Auto Disconnect feature useful in days where we use Dial-up connections to connect to the Internet & this feature saves money and bandwidth, thanks to broadband connections and speeds offered by ISPs now a days we always wants to connected to Internet.

Auto Disconnect feature allows your net connection to get disconnected automatically if it has been idle for 25 minutes .

Disabling Auto Disconnect in Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7

1. Open IE8, from Tools menu>select Internet Options>select Connections tab

2. Make sure your Broadband connection set as default and Always Dial my Default connection is selected for your connection.

3. Click “Settings”  and under Dial-up Settings click “Advanced” button  and uncheck or remove tick mark for Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed and click “Ok”  three times to save the changes.

disabling auto disconnect feature

Auto Disconnect feature was disabled by default in Windows, we recommend you to check your IE8 settings once, so this should not happen to you.