Popular Download.com site recently started offering CNET Download.com installer for users, it’s a tiny sub installer or Download Manager download files and installs onto users Computer when they try to download files from Download.com. The files will be downloaded and installed online with their installer and CNET says their installer adds extra layer of security and reliability to CNET Downloads.  

CNET download installer

After the download is completed, you can launch the software’s installer immediately by clicking “install now” button. CNET Installer doesn’t install it self onto users computers or it doesn’t leave behind any additional components either.

CNET Installer promotes third party software with their tool

But annoying thing is CNET installer shows software recommendations and special offers for CNET users while file is downloading with their downloader. Direct link for file download is only provided for registered CNET users to prevent abuse on the service they provide as noted by CNET in their blog post.

third party software promotion

However their installer shows only single third-party software offer during the file download, which you can decline or accept and then continue to file download. So only registered users in Download.com can able to login and download files directly onto their Computers without the need of their installer.

Adobe and AVG started offering download managers to download their products since some time for now, is it fair for CNET to offer download manager for Download.com files by showing promotional offers and offering online installations for users?.