Chrome is based on Chromium, popular open source project. But unlike to Chrome, Chromium won’t updates it self automatically. In the past we’ve covered two portable free apps named JChromium Updater, Chromium Updater they updates Chromium automatically without user interaction. Chromium Auto Updater freeware for Windows 7 updates your Chromium browser automatically every day.

Chromium Auto Updater

Using Chromium Auto Updater

Chromium browser must be installed in your Computer for this tool to work and install updates. If Chromium not installed, on the first run this tool will install latest Chromium version to your Computer.

Chromium Auto Updater updates Chromium at 8 PM everyday, you don’t have to close the browser during the update. You can launch “Start Menu” and click “Update now” button to update Chromium to the check for updates and this program will check for any and installs updates if any found.

Chromium won’t eat much of system resources or doesn’t runs in the background for that matter.  You can use Chrome and Chromium separately. Installation and uninstallation only takes one second for this program.

Download Chromium Auto Updater