If you’re annoyed with the commercials or ads appear when you about to watch a movie on popular video hosting sites like Hulu, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and other sites, AdBlockVideo Firefox add-on blocks those video ads and lets you watch shows on these sites without any interruptions what so ever.

Using AdBlockVideo

AdBlockVideo Firefox add-on is quite big in size (14.5 MB) when compared to other regular add-ons. You can download and install this add-on from developer website (not available in Mozilla Add-ons) to your Computer.

Make sure to uncheck to submit anonymous adblockvideo usage information on AdBlockVideo thank page which loads when you restart your browser  after installing the add-on.

AdBlockVideo claims their add-on is safe and effective and allows you to control/block annoying video ads on Hulu and other popular sites such as CBC, ABC, NBC, Fox and many others.