If you want to know – which files occupying the most space in hard drive, or for that matter want to locate the duplicate files in a particular directory or perhaps wondering why a directory size has doubled and why the free space is going low day by day, Better Directory Analyzer freeware tool answers your questions.

Better Directory Analyzer

Using Better Directory Analyzer

Download and install this disk utility in your Computer and run it. Drag and drop any folder or drive from Windows Explorer to the app interface or you can use “Select Folder” option provided in the program instead also.

This tool analyzes structure of the folder/partition deeply and shows the details in its program window. You can double-click a file in Files tab for more details of it. This program shows  duplicate files, hidden files, file types for the selected folder.

You can save this information to a HTML file in the “Report (HTML)”  section.  This report contains File list, File Type list,  Duplicate Files list, hidden files list, largest files list. You can delete largest or duplicate files shown from the program window it self to free up disk-space.

Better Directory Analyzer features

  • Quick installation (500KB)
  • Intuitive drag’n’drop user interface
  • Find and remove duplicate files
  • Analyze file types in directory or partition
  • Find hidden files
  • Find largest files
  • Delete one or more files
  • Sort files using various parameters
  • Visualize directory structure
  • Export directory content to CSV
  • Generate directory analysis reports

Download Better Directory Analyzer