Lotsoft released BDlot DVD ISO Master, DVD to ISO Backup freeware allows to save both regular and protected DVDs as ISO files without video or audio quality loss.  This tool also burns ISO images to DVDs efficiently. The unique feature of program is saving protected DVDs as ISO image and output ISO image file will be of original DVD high quality video and 5.1 surround sound.

BDlot DVD ISO Master

Instead of transferring VIDEO_TS folder on hard drive and then building ISO image from DVD folder, BDlot DVD ISO Master with combination of unique DVD unlocking and advanced reading technology enables entire protected DVD to be saved as ISO image with in minutes.

BDlot DVD ISO Master also works as a Professional ISO  burner, it can burn any ISO file to CD/DVD/Blu-ray disk easily.

BDlot DVD ISO Master features

  • Backup Protected DVD to ISO and Burn ISO to DVD efficiently.
  • Save different DVDs to Hard Drive and USB easily with strong reading ability.
  • Backup any protected DVD with unique decrypting technology
  • Backup DVD to ISO without compression or quality loss at top fast speed
  • Burn any ISO to DVD/CD/BD under high-efficient processing
  • Error proofing technology guarantees DVD integrity after burning.

Download BDlot DVD ISO Master