Few months back Security vendor Avast added auto-sandbox feature existed in Pro and IS versions to their Avast v6 free version, Avast now porting yet another security feature Script Shield existed from their paid software to free version, you can download Beta program update to see this feature.

script shield in Avast

Avast Script Shield: Script Shield in Avast detects malicious scripts in internet web pages and prevents them from running and hijacking or potentially causing damage to your Computer. Actually Script Shield adds extra security layer to your system and intercepts all scripts executed on your System ( both local and remote).

IF you’re using Avast Beta version, you’ll find Script Shield under “Real-Time Shields” in Avast user interface.

Script Shield Supported Browsers : Script Shield works in IE 32-bit version, Firefox and support for Chrome will soon be added.

Script Shield Vs. NoScript

If we set aside IE for a while, doubt may arise for Firefox users using NoScript does Script Shield conflicts with NoScript in Firefox, while blocking scripts in webpages in Firefox.

In fact, there is no official confirmation from Avast on this,  but even though you block some scripts with NoScript, they still have to pass through the Script Shield.