We’ve recently covered about Explorer Toolbar Editor and Custom Explorer Toolbar which lets you add copy/paste and other buttons missing in Windows 7, how about hiding/removing Windows 7 explorer command bar or toolbar to save space ? Windows 7  Command Bar Tweaker is a freeware portable tool lets you auto-hide or disable the command bar in Windows 7.

Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker

Using Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker

You must be using Aero theme, not the basic or other 3rd party themes. Download and extract program’s archive to a folder and run “Windows 7  Command Bar Tweaker” executable.

From the program window, click “ Auto Hide Command  Bar “ to automatically hide the command bar and to permanently hide or disable the command bar, click permanently hide command bar button.

Windows 7 explorer without command bar

You need to re-apply the aero theme or log off your PC to see Windows 7 Explorer without command bar/toolbar.

To restore the command bar in Explorer window, click “restore Defaults” button in the program.

Download Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker