Google+Project introduced by Google so far seems to be a hit, Circles allows to share information to selective people.  Google+ is still in field trial and by invitation only if you’ve got invite and tasted its features, here is a simple tip that helps to review your profile information from other users perspective you’ve selected so that you can confirm the person added to one of the circles can only see your  profile information such as “Profile Introduction” but not your email address or phone number.

Check  how your Google+ profile appears to others

  • Sign into Google+
  • Click the profile icon on top of the page

view  Profile as

  • Type the name of person you want to view from his perspective in “View Profile as” box,  for example typing  “Matt Cutts” and press enter to view your Profile as Matt Cutts and you can adjust your profile information by clicking “Edit Profile” (if not satisfied )or click “Done” button to get back to your own view.

viewing profile as

You can add me to your Circle, here is  My Google Plus profile  link.