Do you ever wanted to know people, Who connected to your wireless network ? Wireless Network Watcher is a freeware portable utility from Nirsoft scans your wireless network and displays list of Computers and devices connected to it. The information displayed for Computers and devices connected to your network includes  IP Address, Mac Address, Network Card Manufacturer Company and Computer name (optional).

Wireless Network Watcher

 Using Wireless Network Watcher

Download and extract Program archive to a folder and run WNetWather.exe file. After running this utility, it automatically locates your wireless network adapter and further scans your network and shows the list of Computers connected to your network.

If program fails to detect your wireless network adapter then you can select correct adapter from advanced options by Pressing F9. Though this utility designed to scan for Wireless network in fact you can use it to scan a small wired network also.

Wireless Network Watcher works in all Windows Operating Systems up to Windows 7.

Download Wireless Network Watcher

Note: This utility only scans wireless you’re connected to, and can not scans other wireless networks.