Apple released OS X Lion for Mac users which is available via Mac App Store for $29.99, Apple boats their Loin OS brings over 250 new features including Multi-Touch Gestures, Mission Control,full-screen apps and LaunchPad, Apple claims its their best OS.  If you want to switch from Windows to Mac OS X Lion, Apple released Windows Migration Assistant for Lion tool which helps you move your data from Windows PC to Mac.

Windows Migration Assistant for Lion

Using Windows Migration Assistant for Lion

Migration assistant will help you transfer the data such as your user accounts which can include files, email messages, contacts and calendars from PC running Windows XP/Vista/ 7. This app will launch it self automatically once installed.

Before using Migration Assistant

Make sure Windows PC and Mac are on the same network (LAN is recommended to transfer large amount of data) and turn off Windows Automatic updates as they might interrupt the migration process.

You should know name and password of Mac’s administrator account.  Migrating process will create new user account on Mac instead of merging data with existed Mac account.

Download and run Windows Migration Assistant and follow the instructions here.

Download Windows Migration Assistant for Lion