Till now we can only access hard drives and removal storage devices from Computer folder in Windows 7,   System Folders Customizer is freeware tool allows to add important system folders, Control Panel applets to Computer folder, Libraries and Desktop.

System Folders Customizer

System Folders Customizer contains 5 tabs. You can add  much needed items from each tab to access them from Computer/Libraries/ Desktop folder and click “Save changes” button to let the program add selected shortcuts from tabs.You can undo changes by clicking “Reset” button.

Some times we access these system folders more often, adding them to regularly accessed places like Computer, Desktop and libraries allows us to access them with a single click.

You can add unlimited number of shortcuts to Libraries, Desktop and Computer folders. For the changes on Desktop to appear you need to restart Windows Explorer. Start adding shortcuts to Computer or Desktop from the program and forget about accessing System folders from Control Panel.

Download System Folders Customizer