How many of you still remember Panorama or using it now? Mozilla wants you to use Tab Groups aka their Panorama feature more effectively hence Prospector team released Snaporama add-on for Firefox which lets you take snapshots of all opened tabs and allows to open these snapshots later into new Panorama groups.

This add-on is based on built-in feature of Firefox which allows to bookmark group of tabs.

Using Snaporama

Download and install Snaporama for Firefox  (Snaporama is restartless add-on, so no restart is required).  If you opened lot of web pages in your Firefox browser, click the “Camera” (Snap Panorama) icon on the Add-on Bar to capture the snapshot and name the bookmark.

Now click Snapshots gallery icon after Camera icon on Add-on Bar to open “snapshots gallery” and open the snapshot taken earlier which opens as a  new tab group in Panorama.

Download Snaporama