Right-Click ReplaceThis is a freeware utility lets you replace the files in Windows 7. After installing this tool it adds two options to context menu -  “Replace This”  and “Replace With” .  By right clicking the file and choose either of the options to replace selected file or replace file with selected file.

RightClick Replace This

Using Right-click ReplaceThis

Download and install this tool in your Computer. Right-click the file and choose “Replace This”  option to replace the selected file by clicking “Browse” button shown on the dialog box and  select the file and click “Replace” button.

Replace This option on context menu

Similarly you can also right click the file and choose “Replace With” to let the chosen file to be replaced the selected file.

ReplaceThis dialog box

You can either drag file to the dialog window or use the “Browse” button instead to select the file. This tool automatically generates a backup copy of the original file before replacing the file.

Download Right-Click ReplaceThis