ProcessThreadsView is a freeware portable tool from Nirsoft displays information about all threads of a process you chose. The threads information includes – ThreadID, Context Switches Count, Priority, Created Time, User/Kernel Time,  Number of Windows , Window Title, Start Address and more.


Using ProcessThreadsView

Download and extract program’s archive to a folder and run ProcessThreadsView.exe file.  The  program asks you to choose a process by displaying list of running processes in a window. Select the process (for example Windows Explorer) and click “Ok” button to let the program to show all threads of that process in its main window.

If you select a thread in upper pane then lower pane displays the information such as Strings found in the stack, stack modules addresses, call stack, and process registers. From this utility you can suspend/resume selected threads.

ProcessThreadsView works on all versions of Windows including Windows 7 too. This utility may not be useful for end users but useful for advanced users and system administrators.

Download ProcessThreadsView (32-bit)

Download ProcessThreadsView (64-bit)