Mozilla’s prospector team testing new features for Firefox browser by continuously releasing experimental add-ons, till now they followed Chrome in minifying the UI controls and now Firefox interface can be turned into IE9 by installing OneLiner add-on (reminds you OneBar of IE9). This add-on moves the navigation bar to the tab bar, Mozilla here trying to provide more space to the webpage.

Using Oneliner Firefox add-on

Download and install OneLiner restartless add-on for Firefox browser. After installing it, the add-on combines navigation bar and tab bar into one-line. This add-on allocates small fixed size for location bar with search button and thereafter tab bar occupies the space.

Quickly Close All Tabs of a domain in Firefox with this Add-on

Performing searches with the Search button

Those who were using search bar more often till now will find it difficult to perform a search, clicking the search button after entering query activates in-tab search in Firefox homepage with pre-filled search with selected text or query. You can use Ctrl+ K shortcut instead to activate in-tab search bar.

Location bar expands to cover back/forward buttons when they are not in use. One-line will visible even in full screen mode as it doesn’t get auto-hidden.

Download OneLiner add-on