Creating profiles for Chrome isn’t easy till now, but Google already testing “Multiple profiles for Chrome” in their earlier developer and  Chromium builds since few months for now, with activated Chrome Profile Manager latest Canary build now allows you to create and delete Chrome profiles easily.

Click “cupcake” icon visible on the left side on top of the screen on Chrome’s toolbar which lets you to create new profiles and delete the created ones. You can change your profile avatar from 4 avatars to choose from.

mutiple profiles

Customizing profile is associated to “options” in “Personal stuff”.  Chrome syncs features like bookmarks, passwords, autofill, browsing data (imported from another browser)  to your Google account.

Creating a New Chrome profile

Click “Cupcake” icon and from Chrome Profiles>select” New Chrome Profile”,  a new Chrome window opens let you choose a profile name and avatar. Click “Create “ button to create a new profile. This way you can create any number of profiles for Chrome browser.


create a new chrome profile

Now “Chrome Profiles” menu shows all your created profiles and you can easily switch between them. you can delete any Chrome profile from dropdown menu by clicking profile avatar.