At present Internet Explorer is the most used Browser in the World (IE8 to be in fact) this of course may change in future. Invisible IE is a freeware portable utility lets you create shortcuts to hide, unhide and Close all IE Windows (at once). If you don’t want others to see what you’re browsing in Internet Explorer Invisible IE will help in making IE invisible.

Invisible IE

Using Invisible IE

Run the app, from the program window click “Shortcuts” tab on left side which brings up and shows shortcuts (which you can change to your liking) to make IE invisible/visible and to close all IE windows. Click “Set” button for all three options.

Press Ctrl+ Alt+Z to make IE invisible, pressing Ctrl +Alt+C makes IE visible again and you can use “Ctrl+Alt+Y” to close all opened IE windows. This program by default assigns same shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+C) to “make IE visible” and close all IE windows which we need to change, set Ctrl+Alt+Y as shortcut to “Close all IE”.

shortcuts to make IE windows invisible

You can set a password in the program which needs to enter when you’re unhiding IE.

Download Invisible IE

This program failed to close all IE windows with assigned shortcut, so you can just use this program to make IE invisible and visible again.