We’re stuck on Java v6 for a long time, major update to Java, Java 7 has been released by Oracle and available for download from their website. Java 6 around since from four years and seven months, after 9,494 bug fixes, 1,966 enhancements, 9018 chagesets, 147 builds, and found JSRs, JDK 7 (Java development Kit) has been released.

Java 7

Want Java 8? here is offline installer link for it

Java 7 offers new features such as small language changes for improved developer productivity, a new file system API, support for asynchronous I/O, a new fork/join framework for multicore performance, improved support for dynamic and script languages, updates to security, internationalization and web standards and much more.

To run Java applications, you must have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed in your Computer, you can download JRE 7 from below links.

You can install Java 7 online by downloading small setup file from here.

Java 7 offline installer download links

JRE Downloads page

Java 7 for Windows 32-bit               

Java 7 for Windows 64-bit

You can download Java 7 for Linux and Solaris Operating systems including Windows from here.

Update : If above links don’t work, visit JRE 7 downloads page and accept the license agreement then only downloads will begin.

Update 1: Updated download links, they are working fine now.