We’ve covered lot of system information tools, HWM BlackBox is a freeware portable utility not only provides in-depth information about core components of your Computer but also evaluates your PC’s performance (benchmarking).

HWM BlackBox

Using HWM BlackBox

Download and extract program archive to a folder and run it. This tool takes while to gather system information and displays detailed information about your Computer hardware such as  Processor, Memory modules, Motherboard, hard drives and video card.

HWM BlackBox displays information about system’s  hardware in 4 tabs – Processor, Memory, Graphics, System. Processor tab shows details about processor such as Processor manufacturer, model, socket, type and more. Processor’s logo, cache capabilities, speed, temperature and usage values are also displayed on the processor interface.

Memory interface shows RAM related information like manufacturer, number of modules installed, their type, memory usage and more. Graphics interface displays more information if you have high-end graphic card installed than built-in VGA card.

System interface shows details about motherboard, hard drive, optical drives and network devices connected to your Computer. Benchmark interface allows to test your PC’s performance, this test only runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

HWM BlackBox supports from old generation Intel processors 386-486 to latest generation processors. 

Download HWM BlackBox