If you’re getting “The Google Cloud Print Connector Process has crashed. Restart? “ warning dialog on Windows Startup, here is how to fix it. Google Cloud Print Connector process is related to Chrome’s “Google Cloud Print” Service which allows user to get access to Printer connected to that Computer from anywhere by signing into his Google account. 

Google Cloud Print Connector process crash error

Fix: You’ve to disable Google Chrome process running on Startup to stop this warning.

1.  For this, from Run Command box type “Msconfig” and Press Enter

2. Uncheck for Google Chrome process entry on Startup tab, click Apply and Ok to save Changes.

disable Google Chrome process on startup

3. Restart your Computer, you won’t get Cloud Print Connector process crash warning again.

If you’re getting this error in Windows XP when you start Google Chrome (instead on system startup) and then tried to enable Cloud Print, then here is something you need to know – Google employee confirmed this as bug and asks Chrome 12 users experiencing these crashes to install Microsoft XPS Framework on their XP systems before enabling Cloud Print.

Good news is this bug has been fixed in upcoming Chrome 13 stable release,  either you can wait for Chrome 13 stable release or install MSFT XPS framework for now for Chrome 12 stable version to fix it.