Gmail Delegation allows to give your account access to others such as friends, relatives and colleagues, once you grant access to others to your account, they can read, write, delete and send messages on behalf of you, but they can’t change your account settings or your password. Recently, Gmail started showing account access notice on top of Gmail account (check the screenshot below) for email delegation enabled users to review settings to confirm that their mail delegation setting is accurate.

Gmail account access notice

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Account Access notice, annoying or useful?

Annoying part is – this notice will appear for a few minutes each time when you signed into your account, of course, Gmail’s view of showing this notice is to prevent unauthorized access to your account. This notice will last for one week according to Gmail help page.

You can only get rid of this notice by disabling email delegation setting in Gmail or it won’t’ appear again after one week.

Removing granted access to others

1. Sign into your Gmail account

2. Click on gear (options) icon >select  “Mail Settings”

3. Click “Accounts and Import” Tab, for “Grant access to your account” option click “Delete” link for added accounts.

remove acces to your account