“Group Policy Editor” in Windows allows administrators and IT Pros to define users and Computer configurations for groups of users and Computer, even PC users can tweak Windows and Internet Explorer settings by running Gpedit.msc from run command. Unfortunately Group Policy Editor is not included in Win7 Home and Starter editions like in Windows 7 Ultimate , Gpedit Installer is a freeware tool created by TWC forum member allows to add Gpedit.msc to Windows 7 Home and Starter Editions.

Group Policy Editor

Using Gpedit Installer

Download and unzip Gpedit Installer contents,  run the tool with Admin privileges. After running it you can find Group Policy Editor added to Windows 7 Starter and Home Editions.  Check it by typing Gpedit.Msc from Run command. 

Windows 7 Home and Starter Edition users is this tool working? let me know through your  comments.

Download Gpedit Installer