With the Hosts file in Windows you can able to block websites, if you’ve decided to modify it, make sure you backup a copy of it as resetting to its default settings may be a bit difficult for novice users. Hosts File Generator is a freeware portable utility allows to create Hosts file instantly.

Hosts File Generator

Though the hosts file is a simple text file located in “C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc” folder that maps Host names to IP Addresses, malwares can modify it so that visiting security websites in your browser may redirect to other sites. This Hosts file can be easily edited with the text editor in Windows, so that you can add/delete entries from it.

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Using Hosts File Generator

Download and run the Hosts File Generator executable, this app shows three tabs in its user interface:Create Hosts File, Created Back-up and Advanced Settings. First create a backup of hosts file by clicking “Created Back-up” button, then your hosts file backup will be saved as “C:\Hosts-Backup”.

making new hosts file

Click” Advanced Settings” and start adding entries to the Hosts file using the “Add new line” option provided. You can clear unwanted entries by selecting an entry and clicking “Clear” button on the left side.

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You can restore hosts file default settings from the app UI itself by clicking “Restore Defaults button” under “Advanced Settings “. Don’t panic if you cleared contents of Hosts file in app as changes won’t be saved until you click the “Save” button.

Note: .Net Framework 3.5 or higher must be installed on your Computer for this app to work.

Download Hosts File Generator