I am very much satisfied and impressed with with Gmail’s Priority Inbox for filtering unnecessary messages and showing only “Important Messages” first, then starred messages second and other messages in “Everything Else” section, for a change Gmail team a week back announced 5 new inbox styles for Gmail for you to try out one, including Priority Inbox. These new inbox styles are now live for Gmail users (can confirm at least for me now).

Gmail New inbox styles

If this feature is rolled to you, you can view “Try on a new inbox” highlighted tab with a inbox style to choose from 5 Inbox types.

New Inbox Styles for Gmail

Classic : Shows your most recent messages at the top of your inbox
Important First :  Only important messages appears on top (including reads and unread messages)
Unread first: Puts all unread messages at the top of your inbox ; everything else at the bottom
Starred First : Starred messages appear at the top; everything else at the bottom   

Priority Inbox :  Important and unread messages appears on top, then starred messages and then everything else.

switching between Gmail inbox styles

You can choose any style from tabs at the top of your inbox and use it for a week, then those tabs will go away. You can  always switch back to your inbox style anytime by selecting it from Inbox labels’ drop down menu.