Photos captured with Digital Camera have big file size are difficult to share via Email and they look awkward as they not fit your Computer screen, we need to resize and email them to save time. FreeSizer is simple yet effective freeware Image resizing program allows to resize images easily.


FreeSizer offers various resizing profiles for your needs, if you want to send pictures through email select “Email” profile, to share images on Facebook select “Social Networks” profile for resizing.. etc. For resizing profile selected FreeSizer calculates the estimated file size of resized images.

Using FreeSizer

Drag and drop one or more JPG  images via Windows Explorer onto the FreeSizer Interface. Select the “Resizing Profile” . You can double-click on an image in the list to preview resized image.

resize images

Click “Start Resizing” button and images will be resized with in seconds. By default resized images saved to same folder with _resized appended to the original file name. You can choose different output folder from program settings. After resizing images, program’s about window shows details like  total number of images resized, original & reduced files sizes and their file size savings.

FreeSizer works in Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download FreeSizer