We run into different problems when we try different free apps and we use System Restore point to undo system changes than uninstalling the reviewed programs, this time restoring system to earlier time caused Avast to behave weirdly as it stopped working by showing a big red warning in its UI with “unsecured” message, which really makes any user scary.

Avast service stopped warning

Here is the total error message

Unsecured. Your System is not protected. Please use the Fix Now button start protecting your system.

Urgent: Avast Service stopped.  The Avast Antivirus program has been stopped or is in an inconsistent state. Please re-start the program to resume protecting your system.”

Fix Avira’s Error ‘Your Computer is not secure! A Service is not working correctly’

Clicking “Fix Now” button doesn’t fix anything. We observed all Avast shields gone disabled, tried to enable them also failed.  Action Center reports Antivirus turned off , System needs anti-spyware protection.

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Fix worked to run Avast normally

  • Right click on Avast icon in the system tray, select “Avast Shields Control > select “Disable until Computer is restarted”
  • Restart the Computer
  • Everything is fine with Avast after restart.

If you ran into similar kind of situation, try the above method if it’s not working, fall back to below methods.


1. From Start Menu > open Run command box and type “services.msc” (without quotes)

2. Try to “Start” Avast Service if stopped as reported by Avast and make sure “Startup type” is set to “Automatic”.

Avast Service

3. Restart your Computer.

What is avast Emergency update? 

#II If the above methods don’t work, this will.

1. Download and run Avast Uninstall Utility in safe mode.

2. After uninstallation, re-install Avast new version and register your free copy.