There are services that tell you when someone unfollows you on Twitter or unfriends you on Facebook, Google+ sends an email notification when someone adds you to their circles and it doesn’t send any notification when a person un-circles you.

Any G+user curious enough to know is there any way to get notified when someone removes you from their circles, Aaron Frost heard you and developed GoogleMinus extension which notifies you about the same.

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GoogleMinus extension is available for Firefox, Chrome and IE browsers. This extension is developed on Kynetx platform which allows developers to build cross-platform apps that runs on multiple browsers.

notified when someone removes you from circles

Unfortunately, you need to install Kynetx extension first and further needs to create an account for Kynetx and then only you’re allowed to install and use GoogleMinus extension. Developer promises to wait for more features for his extension.

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The question arises, do we really need to create an account and install two extensions to know who un-circled you on Google+?  The answer is Yes or no. It’s entirely up-to the individual. But there are other developers keen to build and release apps soon with the release of GoogleMinus extension.