We unknowingly create one or more empty New Folders when we try to create one, this way our hard drive can end up with too many empty folders which we can’t find through search in Windows, FMS Empty Folder Remover is a freeware tool that scans for empty directories in specified source folder and shows them if found which you can remove easily.

FMS Empty Folder Remover

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Using Empty Folder Remover

Download and install the app to your Computer, run it. Click “Open Folder” from FMS Empty Folder UI and choose specified directory you want the app to scan for empty directories, the app automatically shows empty folders in its user interface.

Empty Folder Remover

You can delete selectively checked/all checked empty folders from the disk by clicking “Delete checked from Disk” button on the program.

FMS Empty Folder Remover works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download FMS Empty Folder Remover