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(Too early to cover this I know, since Google Plus in Beta/limited field trial and I may get criticism for this). Let me tell you according to Google+ help page, all Google profiles must be  made Pubic and all private Google profiles will be deleted automatically after July 31, 2011. Google says their service will be best utilized when all profiles are public and then people can be easily searched and find you through their search engine and connect with you online.

Another point to consider –  Google+ will be integrated into all Google services, you will get Google+ notifications and access to it right from any Google service  like Gmail, Google Docs, Google search when you signed into your Google account. So Google+ notification icon flashes  whenever you’re on singed into any Google site when someone adds to their circles ,or post comments on your posts which is more of a distraction than anything else (Of course BlockPlus extension for Chrome helps to overcome this).

How to Unblock blocked People in Google Plus

If you’re worried about your privacy and don’t want to find in search results by your Name and Gender details, you can disable Google+ profile without affecting other Google services or your Google account, here is how you can do that.

Before disabling Google Plus profile backup Google+ profile data.

Disable/Deleting Google Plus Profile

1. Sign into Google+

2.  Click your full name or email address

3. Click “Account Settings” you’ll be on Account Overview tab

4. Under Services “ opposite to “Delete Profile and social features”, click “Delete profile and remove associated social features” link.

Delete Google Plus Profile

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Note: You shouldn’t delete your Google+ account as you’ll lose access to all Google services.