CrossRider’s  Google+Facebook app covered by us few days back lets you see your Facebook stream in Google+, however a developer scanned this app code and found to be malicious as reported by him on Redditt. According to him this app runs JavaScript file on startup automatically and sets Google search to their custom search page which yields revenue to the developer. This app scans your emails and adds to your email signature to let your friends know about the app. All these things done without user consent, if you’ve installed this extension either for Chrome or for Firefox here is how to remove Google+Facebook app from your Computer.

Google plus Facebook

1. First remove the Google+Facebook app from your Facebook Profile for that

Login to your Facebook account>from Account drop down menu select “Privacy Settings” and  click “Edit your Settings” under “App and Websites”, for Google+Facebook app click “Remove App” link.

2. Delete Google+Facebook extension if installed in Chrome browser.

3. Delete Google+Facebook extension in Firefox also.  Restart your browser.

Now type about:config in the address bar and proceed by agreeing to the warning. For the below entries right-click on each entry and click “Reset”  button to restore its default values.

  • keyword.URL

Click Google search icon in search bar and click “Manage Search Engines” and find opensearch  plugin with this CrossRider icon and click Remove, now make Google search engine as default one.

Restart your Firefox browser.

Read more details about Google+Facebook suspicious behavior here.

You can use ecleaner add-on for Firefox to check and remove  preferences saved by this extension after its uninstallation.