CD Emulator  program aka virtual CD-ROM is actually a software that emulates physical CD/DVD drive, when you install CD emulation program a hidden driver will be installed which may interfere with scanning process of anti-rootkit scanner and anti-malware programs, that’s why BleepingComputer, free community site which helps in troubleshooting users computer problems released freeware portable tool  Defogger which lets you enable and disable CD emulation drivers in Windows.


Using Defogger

Download and run Defogger. Click “Disable” button to disable CD Emulation drivers. If CD Emulation programs exists in your Computer they will be disabled and Defogger will ask you to restart your Computer after disabling them.

To re-enable CD Emulation program back again after malware removal, run the program. Click “Re-enable”  button to enable CD Emulation Drivers.  Defogger asks you to restart your Computer after enabling CD Emulation programs if any that present in your Computer.

Download Defogger