CustomExplorerToolbar is a freeware portable utility developed for Windows 7 lets you easily customize Explorer Toolbar. You can add copy, paste, cut, select all and more buttons that were existed in previous versions of windows. This utility allows to remove previously added buttons to the Windows Explorer.

CustomExplorer Toolbar

Using CustomExplorerToolbar

Download and extract the program archive contents to a folder and run CustomExplorerToolbar.exe. Select buttons you want to add to “Folders” (Generic Folders) in Explorer which is pre-selected by default (you can also add buttons to Library, Documents, Music, Video and Pictures).

Once you selected buttons  click “Do It!” button and those buttons will be added to folders in Windows 7 Explorer as shown below in the screenshot.

copy cut paste buttons on explorer toolbar

You can remove previously added buttons with this utility by selecting added buttons and choose “Remove the specified toolbar buttons” for Action. Changes won’t be visible immediately as you may need to refresh Explorer window.

CustomExplorerToolbar works on Windows 7 only.

Download CustomExplorerToolbar