Twitter users already familiar with FollowFriday hashtag on twitter (don’t you?) similar to it Google+ community manager Brian Rose started  new hashtag “Circle Sunday”,  at present this tag not that much popular but in future it will.

What is Circle Sunday on Google Plus?

It’s just simple, every Sunday you recommend some new friends to follow by adding CircleSunday hashtag to the post. Take Brian Rose post for an example

Let’s try starting something new for Google+: Circle Sundays. Every Sunday, recommend new friends to follow, then tag your post#circlesunday.

I love photos. So do these guys: +Håkan Dahlström, +Chris Miller and +Mike Wiacek. Check out their work at, and respectively. #circlesunday

Type whatever you want to say about them, mention those guys names appending + symbol before and tag that post with “#CircleSunday”. Unfortunately these hashtags are not searchable in Google+ by default much like in twitter, but they can be clickable and searchable by installing Helper for Google+ extension in Chrome.


You can  also use “#circlesunday site: “ query on Google to find posts tagged with circlesunday on Google+.

Filling others stream with too many CircleSunday tags may result in removing you from their circles, so don’t over do it.