Batteryinfoview is simple portable freeware utility developed for netbooks and laptops displays your battery’s current status and information. Battery information page automatically refreshes for every 10 seconds  by default (you can change this in “Advanced Options Window” by pressing F9.

Battery Information displayed by BatteryInfoView includes the battery name, manufacturer name, serial number, manufacturer date, Power state (charging/discharging), current battery capacity, full charged capacity, voltage, Charge/discharge rate and more as shown below in the screenshot.


BatteryInfoView  provides two modes

1. Battery Information mode:  Displays general status and information about battery. Press F7 to switch to this mode. As mentioned above battery information updates for every 10 seconds by default.

2. Battery Log :  A new log containing the status of the battery added for every 30 seconds is displayed in this window. Press F8 to switch to this mode.

Download and run BatteryInfoView executable to get current status and information about your battery. This utility works from Windows 2000 version to Windows 7.

Download BatteryInfoView