Security vendor AVG in collaboration with Zbang launched beta version of new desktop Social media app MulitMi for Windows which lets you integrate your email and social network sites accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and more into it and access them from one single place.

Using MulitMi

Download and install MultiMi desktop app in your Computer. After installing the app and after the splash  screen and introduction stuff select your “username” and then click “Done” button to start integrating all your email, Social accounts.

MultiMi user interface

What MultiMi offers

With MultiMi easy-to-use interface you can able to receive and send files such as photos, music, videos and documents. You can drag and drop files to share content easily across accounts.  “AVG LinkScanner” powers security in Multimi by scanning your social accounts feed in real-time. You can use MultiMi as a single app to access your email, Facebook, Twitter and more accounts.

MulitMi doesn’t store your personal information instead all information will be saved in your Computer. MultiMi works on Windows XP SP3 or higher Operating Systems, requires 1 GB RAM.

Download MultiMi