People do install Antivirus programs in their Computers to get protected from latest viruses, Trojans and malware after installing it deeply hooks into  registry, system services Windows and drivers to detect malware and which also makes hard to uninstall it, that’s why security vendors release uninstall/removal tools useful if in case user unable to uninstall their security products from “Add or Remove Programs” in Control Panel.  We’ve already covered various antivirus programs uninstall tools , AV Uninstall Tools Pack is a freeware portable utility consists of uninstall tools for more than 30 antivirus and anti-spyware programs in their package.

AV Uninstall Tools Pack

Advantage with AV Uninstall Tools Pack

With this utility, instead of searching and downloading antivirus program uninstall tool you can keep all AV Uninstall tools in a single package and take them in USB useful for technicians, advanced users and novice users as well.

AV Uninstall Tools Pack by default with simple UI shown in Russian language, you can change to English language by clicking “English” link shown under “Language” on left side in the program window.

Using AV Uninstall Tools Pack

Download and extract utility archive contents to a folder, run Autorun.exe. AV Uninstall Tools Pack shows a list of “Uninstall Tools for antivirus programs” and offers Windows Installer Cleanup Utility under “Other tools” section in its UI.

Clicking on each Uninstall tool shows information about security vendor and its supported products along with “Open” (folder icon) link at the bottom to open and run uninstall tool.

Download AV Uninstall Tools Pack