Auslogics Benchtown is a freeware Benchmarking software from Auslogics in Beta version performs various advanced tests on your Computer and generates a rating score for your system based on performance. By running the program you can assess the weak spots in your Computer. You can share these benchmarking results online on and compare your pc configuration with other users .

Auslogics Benchtown

Using Auslogics Benchtown

Download and install the program in your Computer, run it. This benchmarking utility runs various advanced tests thoroughly on your PC  parts such as CPU, RAM, HDD and graphics card and generates a score for your PC. However from its  “Program Settings” you can choose which Computer subsystems should be benchmarked by this program.

Benchmark results

To compare benchmarking results you need to create an account in website. This tool has built-in system information utility on running, gathers all your system information and displays the report in easy-to-read format.

You can use benchmarking software such as this when you’re planning to upgrade your hardware/software and trying to troubleshoot your system for performance related issues.

This program release is may be marketing gimmick from Auslogics to promote and improve its sales of its BoostSpeed program. Running the program to know your System performance is fine, but creating an account on Benchtown to share and compare these results may not be needed IMO.

Download Auslogics Benchtown