At D9 Conference Microsoft shown off Windows 8’s new user interface (watch the video embed below), the tile-based start screen in Win8  replaces Windows start menu with customizable, scalable full-screen view of apps. Windows 8  Start screen  is similar to that of in Windows Phone 7, do you wan to get Windows 8 Start Screen for Windows 7 ? here is the way.

Win8 Start Screen for Win7

Brief about Windows 8 Start Screen

Win8 Start Screen allows to launch apps quickly from its tile-based screen, apps on tiles are dynamic shows up-to-date information with live notifications. You can drag and resize app to side of the screen.

Designer Fediafedia with some modifications to Omnimo 3 .1(Rainmeter theme) soon, with in a week or two  to release Omnimo 4 skin which brings exact Windows 8 interface/start screen look to Windows 7.

Meanwhile you can install Rainmeter and followed by Omnimo 3.1. Run “Omnimo.rmskin” file after extracting contents of archive to a folder and then start adding panels to get feel and look of Windows 8 Start Screen. Omnimo 3.1 designed to bring Windows Phone 7 start screen to Windows PC.