We use the default Alt +Tab key combination to see open windows and switch between them easily, but pressing Alt+Tab only shows icons of open windows and apps with the captions, where the WindowPicker freeware app shows all opened windows previews and captions at once and allows to quickly switch between them with either minimum keystrokes or with the mouse easily.


Using WindowPicker

Pressing Ctrl +Alt+ E lists all the windows, you can press ‘A’ for first window and ‘B’ for second window and so on.. Easily with minimum keystrokes to pick windows. WindowPicker by default, doesn’t offer hot corner, but from its options you can set any one of – Top left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right – as a hot corner.

WindowPicker Options

Add Chrome Like Tabs to Windows Explorer

Move mouse pointer to edge of screen to see windows list and click on the preview to choose window. WindowPicker replaces the default Alt+Tab windows switcher on installation, you shouldn’t be running it to get Alt+Tab behavior again.

WindowPicker Demo

WindowPicker works on all Windows Operating systems.

Download WindowPicker