USB Alert

Forgetting connected  USB drive to your Computer at home doesn’t matter much  except for power usage as no unknown persons can get access to it, things a bit different when you forget same Pen drive with sensitive data in it plugged into office/Cyber cafe systems, no one wants their personal data such as apps, documents in their portable drive to fall in others hands USB Alert Freeware portable app allows to carry it in your pen drive and alerts when you about to lock or shutdown your Computer.

USB Alert Warning

Using USB Alert

USB Alert available in Portable and installable versions where portable is preferable one. You’ve to  copy USB Alert portable contents to root of your USB Stick.. Eject your Pen drive and connect it again this time autorun window pops up with option to run USB Alert. Select that option, USB Alert will be launched until the system  locks or logged off or shutdown.

USB Alert doesn’t alert when you insert devices that have no capacity such as empty CardReader without memory cards. This programs supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download USB Alert

Download USB Alert for your Pen drive