We’ve covered Spybot – Search & Destroy 2 Beta review if we set aside its protection features and modern user interface we found this program hard to uninstall from add or remove programs (Programs and Features) as progress bar stops at certain point after uninstall process began, here is how to successfully uninstall Spybot – Search & destroy 2 from your Computer.

Spybot 2 succefully uninstalled

Disabling Spybot‘s background services and  Windows & IE Integrations

Since this program integrates with Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer and other background services into the system we need to stop those services and uninstall integrations with Windows Explorer and IE first before go ahead for uninstallation process from Add or Remove programs.

integration with Windows and Internet explorers

Right click on Spybot 2 icon in system tray and click “Enable/Disable services” to get Spybot services window , here click “Stop” button for  Spybot’s background services – On-Access Monitor, File Scanner, Firewall, Updates and click “Uninstall” button for “Windows Explorer Integration” and “Internet Explorer Integration” to remove Spybot’s integration with Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.

Disable Spybot background services

You’ll see all “Start” and “Install” buttons in Spybot Services window after disabling its services.  You can see no Processes related to Spybot running in the Task Manager except for SDTray.exe to get access to the system tray. You can close that by right-clicking on Spybot tray icon and by clicking Exit button .

Uninstalling Spybot 2

Now go to Control Panel>click Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs)> Select Spybot – Search & Destroy  2 and click “Uninstall” button and  follow the instructions on the screen.

uninstall spybot