Today Google announced “Instant pages” for Google Instant with which their search engine predicts which search result you’re going to click and prerenders that top search result in the background, when you click that page, it will be loaded instantly. Currently, Prerendering enabled for Developer channel of  Google Chrome (Chrome 13), you can try Instant pages on upcoming Beta version of Chrome.

Google says prerendering is most useful when a user on multi-page article as user going to click “Next page” for reading, Google orders browser to prerender the page for loading. Website owners need to add a link element with rel of “Prerender “ (ex: <link rel=”prerender” href=””>)  to hint Chrome to render his pages.

Testing Prerendering for your Page in Chrome

Prerendering may happen or not happen for your site, read web developers guide to prerendering in Chrome

You can visit the sample Prerender Test page created by Google to check the behaviour of your page when prerendered in Chrome.


Prerendering test

Checking if Preredering happened to a page

1. Open Chrome Task Manager from the wrench menu (use Shift +Esc shortcut instead).

2. Load the page that includes prerender hint.

3. See Prerender line for the page with a special icon if such line exists, then prerendering is happening for that page.

prerendering check for a page

Enabling Prerendering in Chrome browser

Prerendering enabled by default for Chrome 13 as we said above and you can visit the sample test page to check prerendering is disabled or enabled for Chrome,

To completely enable prerender for Chrome, start Chrome by adding –prerender =enabled command-line flag.