XP users miss of Classic Start Menu in Windows Vista and 7, we covered Classic Shell app brings Classic Start Menu to Windows 7  Taskbar Classic Start Menu is freeware app adds icon in notification area  in Windows 7 which on right-click pop ups   “Classic Start Menu” similar to that of in Windows 2000 and XP, users able to launch programs easily from Classic Start Menu from system tray and at the same time they won’t  miss Windows 7 Start Menu.

Taskbar Classic Start Menu

After installing the app you need to run it, its icon then appears in system notification area you can right-click on it and launch programs easily (Windows XP feeling comes again). You can configure its settings like changing icons size display for Top-level items, Programs, Favorites and Documents on the Classic Start Menu. This menu auto-hides unused items .

Taskbar Classic Start Menu works On Windows XP  SP2/Vista/7.

Download Taskbar Classic Start Menu